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NON-NEGOTIABLE, VERY ACHIEVABLE | The Workplace And Good Mental Health

With fond memories of sticky popsicles and lazy sprinklers, we’ve returned to more harried schedules, and either lamented or exclaimed about pumpkin spice everything (#controversial). The skies are graying, the snow will fall, and we’ll be digging out in the coming months. Seems like now is a perfect time to talk about mental health.

“What? But you’re just a furniture dealership! What do you have to do about mental health?” you seem to say. And you’d be right to ask. Turns out, we not only know a lot about it, we have the tools to improve it.

The average person will spend one-third of their lives at work. ONE. THIRD. That’s a pretty hefty percentage. We’ll also spend one-third of our lives in bed, which is delightful, and explains the numerous mattress companies vying for our waking and sleeping attention. But I digress.

If we’re spending a third of our lives at work, a work environment that supports wellness and good mental health is essential. We’re not here to debate that. That is our position, and it’s probably yours too.

Haworth is constantly researching the role of the workplace in the lives of the workforce, and their findings are sometimes surprising. Mental health is too big and important a topic for a trendy listicle,, so we’re offering a list of recent Haworth publications addressing mental health and employer opportunities and obligation. These explorations challenge some long-held assumption and offers a research-based view, as opposed to uninspired suggestions of an office pingpong table.

The following are titles of blog posts and podcasts, and you’ll see the titles DO offer almost a checklist of policies and actions to support good mental health in the workplace. Dive into a topic or two by clicking below:

Empathy And Trust Drive Successful Hybrid Work Policies. Employees can thrive with flexible schedules.

Employ A Hospitality Mindset For The Hybrid Office Hub. Making work a place people want to be.

Why Say Yes To Outdoor Offices? How nature plays a role in productivity and creative thinking.

How Biophilic Design Improves Cognitive Well-Being. Plants- they’re not just a millennial Instagram trend.

How To Create Spaces That Empower Mothers In Your Workplace. Women hold up half the sky, and moms represent 72.9% of the workforce.

Beyond The Looking Glass. A perspective on work-life balance, post-pandemic.

These publications offer real-world perspective and achievable goals to make work the best it can be. Even the most dialed work environment needs periodic review and adjustment. Call us up; we’ll come right over. In the meantime, here’s to good mental health, at work and everywhere.

Mary Frances President + Ringmaster




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