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To celebrate the end of 2021, and welcome in 2022, we’re dedicating this blog post to the top twelve events, happenings, and occurrences of the past year. Here they are:

  • There’s no question that the absolute best thing about this year was the release of the Covid-19 vaccine. Fight me.

  • After decades in the market, burkeMICHAEL+ became Pittsburgh’s exclusive Haworth dealer. This was (and IS) a huge deal for us! Read the press release here.

  • We reopened the showroom in earnest September 1, 2021. That was an amazingly good day.

  • We learned longtime employee Johanna Leonard is retiring. She’s done wonderful work with us for decades, and we are sad to see her go!

  • We JUST hired the talented Sara Sapienza as our new Customer Experience Representative. We can’t wait to see what she brings to the party.

  • Earlier this year, we also hired the equally talented Beatrice Egyed as a Marketing Specialist. She’s been high key killing it all. year. long.

  • We hosted a trip on the private jet to Haworth corporate with R3A Architects. We can never go back to commercial flying. It’s ruined forever.

  • Vice President of Workplace Strategy Development + Nascar Fan Gosia Humes’ son Fron is currently serving our country in South Korea. We are incredibly proud of him.

  • We will be installing new furniture for our friends at The Modern, a burkeMICHAEL+ favorite neighborhood watering hole. They’re going to be so fancy. Check them out here!

  • We hosted a successful ‘Work From Anywhere’ symposium and road show featuring new Haworth products, plus fun coffee baristas and a champagne trailer (we’re considering making both permanent features).

  • We sent on-demand mimosas to celebrate our award winning friends at Burns Scalo Real Estate. A great year for you guys, too!

  • We reinstated burkeMICHAEL+ standing office happy hours. This may have been the biggest “this feels normal” moment of the year, which says a lot about us and our priorities.

We hope your list of good things and good times in 2021 is even longer, and wish you and yours the happiest holiday season of all.

My very best,

Mary Frances Hogan President + Ringmaster burkeMICHAEL+

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