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THIS IS PERSONAL | BurkeMICHAEL+ Response To Recent Supreme Court Actions

In response to the recent devastating Supreme Court ruling regarding the settled law of Roe v Wade, burkeMICHAEL+ stands in the fight to fully and permanently restore bodily autonomy to the women of our nation. Our right to choose what happens to our bodies is a fundamental human right, and we demand the rulings reached under Roe V. Wade are recovered and codified. We refuse to tolerate any level of government control over our medical decision-making, and we refuse any other outcome.

Abortion is healthcare. It should be safe, legal, and accessible to all. Anything less puts women’s lives and futures in jeopardy, and imperils our status as full citizens. #bansoffourbodies #keepabortionsafeandlegal #plannedparenthood

Mary Frances Hogan President + Ringmaster burkeMICHAEL+

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