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WE ARE THE CHAMPIONS | Best In Class, Baby

I am beyond thrilled and incredibly proud to announce that after a banner 2022, burkeMICHAEL+ has been named a Haworth Best In Class dealer.

This is a Big Deal.

Of the roughly 600+ dealers in North America, only 5 percent achieve the Best In Class distinction each year. Being a Haworth Best In Class dealer means burkeMICHAEL+ is recognized as providing exceptional service, quality control, customer experience and relationship building. It’s a high bar, and one that every dealer tries to clear, year over year.

So as of 2023, not only are we the exclusive Haworth dealer in Greater Pittsburgh, we’re also THE BEST commercial furniture dealer in Greater Pittsburgh. (It’s not bragging if it’s true.)

This award and its accompanying accolades go directly to my team (do pass go, DO collect $200). They are the reason burkeMICHAEL+ is celebrating this incredible achievement, and I am proud to call them colleagues. Between early mornings, late nights, families, house-buying, weddings, graduations, babies, funerals, and life as (un)usual, they meet every challenge with grace and professionalism. Never stop being awesome, team, and now would be a good time to ask me for literally anything because I’m riding pretty high on this one.

My thanks extends to our amazing clients, partners and collaborators for trusting burkeMICHAEL+ with your projects year after year. Big, small, simple and complex, you and your business are the burkeMICHAEL+ secret sauce. Thank you.

In celebration, we will be hosting a showroom open house this spring; keep an eye out for invites in the next few weeks. Think hors d’oeuvres, cocktails, and of course some kind of a twist to make it a true burkeMICHAEL+ event.

In the meantime, please enjoy one of the greatest live performances of all time, 3:30 iconic minutes of Freddie Mercury singing “We Are The Champions” at Live Aid 1985.

And from the bottom of my heart, thank you.

Mary Frances President + Ringmaster




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